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The New Standard in Digital Supply Chain Management

Digitise and Automate Supply Chain Logistics in the Fast Moving Consumable Goods Space.

Elevate your business with
Data Management

What We Do

What We Do
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Inventory and Sales Management

Understand what products you sell, how much you hold, and when you should buy more

Logistics is bound for a significant leap through better connectivity, advanced analytics, additive manufacturing, and advanced automation.​

Data Analytics

Visual Reports, Real time Data, and in-house algorithms for order enhancement and execution.

Business Intelligence and Management Information

Dynamic and Interactive Dashboards

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Cloud Based Software as a Service

Always On, Always Ready

The supply chain cloud forms the next level of collaboration where the platforms between customers, the company, and suppliers, share a common logistic infrastructure.

Create Orders Anywhere

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Inventory Management

Advanced Data Analytics

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One Platform to Connect Markets with Suppliers

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Tawuniyah App

Manage and Oversee Inventory

Digitise and Automate Processes

Real Time Data Analytics

​Order management is improved through low-touch order processing and real-time replanning, which leads to lower costs through automation of efforts and higher reliability due to granular feedback.

From API integrations to powerful analytics - we have you covered.

Merge efficiency and higher margins through one platform. We integrate with your software technology stack via API, handle onboarding processes and provide enhanced user productivity.

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